Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm Back!

Well, well...I'm back!  You may have noticed I took a break from blogging for a while.  :)  Life just took me in a different direction for a while I guess!  But, I am starting up again and hopefully will win you back with my witty posts! (Lol)

I am happy to report that my Etsy Shop has been doing very well, and I'm more excited about it than ever!  Check it out and see some of my new items...baby clothing and accessories!  

I have been getting lots of requests for Baby Boy clothes, so those are coming out next!  

Also, I'm going to be starting to post reviews on skin care, beauty, and health and wellness products- which I know ya'll love to learn about!- so check back often and join me in this new journey!  


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Beginnings!

Well, it's been a while since I last posted!  I'm sure I said this last year too, but it's definitely a goal to do some better upkeep with my blog this year, for a few reasons.  The first being it's super helpful to me since I never remember to write in a journal, and secondly I don't "write" very much anymore so it helps keep my brain in good writing practice, and lastly because I've been doing some fun stuff lately and want to share it!

My Etsy shop SimpleCircleDesigns has been evolving this past year.  I've added purses, more jewelry, and will be adding some baby items soon as well- like car seat covers, diaper bags, blankets, etc.  I've also started including a few vintage dishes- for those girls who love the shabby chic look!  But, I am considering moving vintage items to a new shop, as I'm planning on introducing some vintage clothing finds this year too.  What do you think I should do?

Anyway, things are good with me, life if moving forward and even though a lot of things are changing right now, it's definitely all good because sometimes being pushed outside your comfort zone is just where you need to be pushed!

Here's a few of my newest creations...enjoy!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Things I Love in Spring

Hello there!  Since it's June, I guess it's not really Spring any more- well actually, the calendar does say it is I suppose...but when it's 90 degrees or above for most days, I'm sorry, but that's Summer isn't it?

Lots of things have been going on lately that have been keeping me very busy and making my life full!  I've been spending a lot of time with my special someone, which has been fabulous.  I've been making more jewelry for my Etsy shop, SimpleCircleDesigns.  I bought a sewing machine and have been learning how to alter my own clothes.  And, I've also started eating an all RAW diet! Which, surprisingly, hasn't been as difficult as I thought it was going to be.  But maybe that's just because I've been on every other diet already?  Ha ha!  Well, more about my new raw lifestyle in my next post...which will be soon!  Not like 3 months from now.

So, I don't know about anyone else, but when I see a photograph of something or someone that I perceive as beautiful, I just have to save it!  It doesn't seem to matter what or who it is, just looking at it again makes me happy.  So, here are a few of those things I've come across recently.

Yes, it's true...Louis Vuitton Mary Jane's.  Aren't they gorgeous?

And these two are part of a Banana Republic campaign featuring Trina Turk designs- 
and sold only on Gilt.com.  But I just love her vivid auburn hair, her luminous skin, the bright contrast of colors, especially with the red nails and lips, her lovely little wing tipped eye liner- and the photography!  Wow, really beautifully done!

I've been really good and consistent at working out lately too, besides my healthful diet, and I've really been interested in doing more yoga.  I used to do it fairly regularly, but that hasn't been for a few years. These are some of the beautiful poses that I would love, love, love to be able to do...

I'm not actually sure what they are all called, except the first one is the Tree pose.  
The last one looks pretty killer huh?  One day I will do it!

Well, I'm going to start posting more about my raw diet with recipes and things soon, but if anyone has any advice, web sites, books, recipes, or anything else you could share with me, I'm totally open to help!  Thanks!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Logo's and shops!

Hey ya'll!  (Sometimes I just wish I was from Texas)  So I've been working more on my Spring creations and have listed a bunch of new earrings on my Etsy shop, yay!  I'm having so much fun!

Plus, my awesome sister Kellie helped me with my new branding- the logo and stuff- which I love!

So the brand is officially "Simple Circle Designs(tm)".  But, I'm not sure if you get the "Circle" part through this logo, but I just love it anyways!  What do you think?

Here's a few of my new fav earring designs too...

And lastly...guess what else I did this weekend? Or rather, where I went?

Oh yah!  Checked out the new mall downtown, City Creek!  It's complete with my favorite stores- none other than the exquisite Tiffany & Co. and Coach handbags! 

 Wow, I think Salt Lake City really might just be heaven now.  Lol!  :) 
Have you been there yet?  What did you think?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Adventures...

Hello friends!  I know it's been quite a while...the last few months have been very busy, to be sure.  But, hopefully I'm back for a while!  Especially because I haven't been very good at keeping a journal the last few years, it's good and actually helpful for me to document stuff about my life at least somewhere.

So, I turned 37 back in November...holy cow right?  It actually does kind of feel weird, especially when I think about my roommates being in their mid-twenties, but at least I don't look that old, right??

In December, Justin headed out East to Washington DC for an internship at the US Treasury Department.  I miss him like crazy, but he's learning so much and having some great experiences, so I'm happy for this opportunity for him...I just need him to come home soon!  He will, he'll be coming back to Utah in May.  Then about a week later my little Sis moved out of my place and back home to our Mom's place to help her out for a while.  (She's had some medical issues the past 6 months).  I also spent Christmas there and about 10 days, so it was nice to be with the family over the holidays.  But, coming home without Kellie OR Justin being here, was definitely a hard day.

So, for the last month or so I've been re-learning how to be "single" sort-of.  I have to admit, it's not as fun as I imagined it might be, ha ha.  I mean, I guess I have a lot more free-time per se, but then I just feel like I have SO many things to work on or to do, that I end up starting too much, and/or not finishing anything!  So many books to read, closets to reorganize and de-clutter, opportunities to work-out or to cook, movies to watch, girlfriends to call or visit, and the list goes on...  But, there are a few things that I started doing recently, mainly to entertain myself, but may have turned into something else entirely!

New "project" #1- I'm teaching myself how to do calligraphy!  I don't really know how that could be helpful to anyone else right now, but it's been fun for me and definitely a challenge.  I've never been good at drawing, painting, or other things that my parents or siblings can do, but I do think that I could be good at this!  Heck, maybe one day I could even hand-write or design an announcement or invitation for you!  You always hear that hand-writing is a dying art, right?  So, maybe it's something unique?  Anyway, I'll try to post some pictures of my stuff in the next few weeks.

New "project" #2-  This one I'm really excited about and never thought about doing before- but I started making jewelry!  So, it's kind of strange how this came about...it started with me losing a necklace last January that was part of a set, that I absolutely loved. So I spent the last year trying to find a bead or charm that matched to possibly have the necklace remade.  Then about a month ago I finally found some that would work, and while I was trying to figure out who to as,k or where to go to get it made, somehow it just came to me- I can make it myself!  So...I did!  Then I thought about how it's always so hard for me to find jewelry that I like; that is simple, not too gaudy, not too colorful, or too big or just too crazy looking.  Then everything just started to happen...I found a bunch of beads I loved, got some supplies, and wa-lah!

So, if you're interested, please feel free to visit my new Shop at the following link, and of course, feel free to share it too!

Simple Circle Jewelry

Have a great day friends...and talk to you again soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stuff as of late

Happy November everyone!  It's been a while again I know, I just haven't felt inspired to write I guess.
Well, a quick update on me, I'm loving my new job!  I haven't made the official announcement yet, but I'm now a National Account Manager for Prodigy Promos.  It's a company that provides promotional or branded items for companies that help advertise their brand.  And, I get to work with my old friends at Nu Skin, as they are one of my accounts now!  So yeah, it's been pretty cool so far.  I love the casual environment (read: jeans everyday!), my flexible schedule, the nice and inspiring people I work with, and the potential to earn.  I really don't know how I got so lucky.

It was actually funny how it happened.  I worked with Prodigy in my role at Nu Skin and somehow forgot to let them know I wasn't there anymore.  So, a few days after my last post they called and asked what was up, then asked if I wanted to have lunch and talk.  I said yes, thinking they were just having pity on me, and I also thought, well, if nothing else I can give these guys a few pointers on how to work with Nu Skin and  hopefully have more success with them.  Well, about half-way through the lunch they asked me about possibly working with them, getting all the MLM accounts, and all the support I needed.  I started to get really excited and even though it's not something I ever thought I would do or even plan on, it just seemed like such a great opportunity.  And so far, I'm right!

Doing pretty good on my weight loss too, and sticking to the vegetarian diet pretty well.  I've lost 10 pounds so far, woo hoo!  I can directly attribute this to eating better, and working out 6 days a week.  I've been switching it up a lot to keep things interesting- running, biking, elliptical, aerobics, stairs, weights, and dance.  It's been fun and I'm feeling good about all the effort I've put in.

On another note, here's a few fun photos of events in the last little while...

My cute niece Amanda married Colin Crane a few weeks ago, this is a shot I took.

This is their sweet "zombie" cake that my Sister in Law, Mary made for them.

This is the Princess and the Dragon

This is the coolest pumpkin I've ever carved, I just wish they lasted longer, it was already smooshed in by Halloween!

Lastly, this is cutie-pie Eli as Dra-q-lah- (how he says it).

Love to all, and this November, take some time to really think about what you're thankful for!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moving forward

You probably thought I'd fallen off the edge of the earth by now right?  It's been what, two months?  Maybe three?  Well, I have had quite a summer...with many life changing things happening.  That's the easiest way to explain it right now I guess, so I hope that's enough.

But I think I'm finally ready to start blogging again.  I've come to terms with what I'm facing, what I have been facing, and I know what I need to do.  I admit I have had a very hard time these last few months, and just have not had the heart or strength or maybe courage to face everyone who's contacted me.  I know there are emails, texts, voice mails, Facebook posts and more that I never responded to...which, if you know me, is very out of character.  So, if you are one of those that I haven't gotten back to yet, I apologize and hope you will understand.

Last week was the first week that I actually really felt like I didn't have a job anymore.  It was weird that the few weeks before just kind of felt like a long vacation, but last week it started to feel real.  I didn't hear from anyone from work at all, and somehow that just made me feel like I was really gone from there.  That those relationships I've had, and people I've seen nearly every day for the last eleven years, were going to change and probably grow apart.  I understand it, I mean, I know what's it's like to be in their shoes.  I've seen others let go over the years and it is hard to see them drift out of your daily life, but you are still busy working, and then you worry about "bothering" them, and you know that they are probably busy moving on too, and somehow it gets hard to keep in touch.  It's just surreal to be going through it on this side.

On the new job-front, things are going okay.  I've had several interviews and one offer already with a local software company, to do marketing, but I'm just not sure it's what I want right now.  I might just try to get a job at a retail store and take it easy for a few months.  Less stress, less time expended.  Plus, it will still give me time to work on my other goals.  I'm trying to lose weight!  It's been a few years since I gained back all my weight lost from 2007 and I am very determined to get there again.  I know I can.  It's already proven to be a challenge, especially with hypothyroidism, but I have an end goal in mind, a timeline, a great coach and lots of support from others.  Plus I have tons of time to work out and eat better food!

Which brings me to my next topic--- vegetarianism!  I feel like God has blessed me so much in life, and especially lately.  I have been so directed and led and shown what I should do.  One of those things was literally just last week when I watched a documentary that my lovely little sister Kellie told me about.   A documentary called "Forks over Knives" which, more than any other information I've ever read or seen before, REALLY affected me and totally convinced me.  I've always been intrigued by the idea, and I do love animals and hate knowing about how the industry processes our food, but it wasn't until seeing this film and understanding what can happen to your body when you don't take care of it, well, it all just made so much sense!  And I didn't want to change to just save animals lives, I wanted to make this change because it would save my life.  It seems so simple now, and inexplicably I just felt like I had to change my way of eating overnight.  I can't say I won't ever eat meat or have dairy, but I strongly feel that 98% of my daily food intake will now consist of only foods from plant sources.  I feel like I have a lot to learn, and will need to learn, in order to keep myself healthy and get all the nutrients I need, but I know it can be done, and I hope it helps with my weight loss goal in the meantime.

So, wish me luck, and hopefully you'll hear from me again quite soon!  Please feel free to leave comments or contact me in other ways, and I promise to get back to you shortly.  XOXO

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poem #2

Time is so fleeting
Years have passed by
Wandering in gray mist
Nothing everlasting is left

But to struggle alone,
Is the worst pain of all
Consumed in fear
Gripping so tightly
To that which you never had

So let it go
Feel the absolution
The kind of freedom only truth gives
The kind that really lasts

Pray for strength
Become who you should be
Do what you must
See that help is there
Always within your reach

Unending love,
Abounding affection,
Are your inheritance due

Let Light become your goal
And only then,
can you share your true soul.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Poem #1

A hurting heart
Fragile, and full of scar tissue already
Waits and wonders
What will come next?
Too afraid to mind real life
Stuck in the fear of the unknown

So close, and yet so far
Timing is everything they say
Put away childish things
And just do what is right

Broken, in pieces
Swallowed up by the darkness
Searching for some light, some hope
Some oxygen in my lungs

A deep breath finally comes
One small drop of peace, even only for a moment
Kind words, whispered to my mind
Then gentle stillness, so sweetly alights

Honesty, love, and supplication
Give way to possibility,
Hope for a better, brighter season

No sweet release though,
Only advancement makes us grow
Time to build, to cultivate, to comfort and console
The Reason to become unburdened
To really live...and to be able to feel His love.
...A hurting heart can mend.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dye Creek Weekend

Well, I'm back at work today...vacation went by as fast as always, but I had such an amazing time.

My first day in Reno I got to spend with Stephanie (Peep).  We even got to have lunch with my Aunt Peggy and cousin Tracy, whom I haven't seen in forever.  Then I kept her up late watching funny YouTube videos!

Friday we went on an awesome 3-mile walk around a marsh area with Peep's friend Rebecca. 

Then we went shopping at Whole Foods- and by the way, what do they have against Utah County huh?  I totally need one here!  Steph did a raw food diet for about a month and said it totally changed her, and now I have an urge to try something like it perhaps.  We'll see how long I could last, maybe I'll try it a day at a time, ha ha.  At least we have Sunflower Market right?

We then got ready to meet up with the other girls when we discovered Steph's Homecoming Queen crown in her garage, and just knew it had to come with us!

I have a bunch more pix from all our activities...went swimming, saw some wild animals, made some good food, laughed a lot, talked a lot, were silly, visited a monastery vineyard, went shopping, and more.  I'll try to post some more and give some more details on our adventures in the next week or two.

It was a great trip, I'm so glad I went, and I love these girls more than you can possibly imagine.