Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Photos

This is just a photo post of what I've been up to recently!

The lovely ladies of Nu Skin! Shalayne (and Ada), Tania and Anganel.  I think this was at my birthday lunch in November.  Sad note, Shalayne actually doesn't work with us anymore, we miss her!

The delicious pies we had at Thanksgiving!  I made the one at the top, Cherry Pie, my fav!

The beautifully set table right before Turkey dinner

My little bro Brian and my favorite Eli

One of my very-best friends, Mela, at home in Elko for Christmas!

My little sis Megan and my favorite Jeremy

Some of Jer's loot on Christmas morning

He pretty much played with this tank all week!

Jer had a little army partner- well, Everett had on some camo at least!

You may know my sis Kellie has a nail blog, and she was given this awesome book about Pro Nail Tips by my other sister Megan.  Good job Meg!  (I got an amazing book about Paris, my fav!)

Meg had her hair styled by our cousin, Heather, so we had to document the cuteness!

All in all, my Christmas holiday was wonderful!  Well, except for the 7 hour drive it took to get to Elko since the Utah roads were not plowed and were horrible!  But, once we got to Nevada, of course everything was well taken care of!  The drive home...3 1/2 hours exactly!

I'll write again soon, but I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  My next post will hopefully be my resolutions for 2010!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Blessing

So, as usual my company had our annual Christmas Party last week.  They are always very generous and we can always expect a two-weeks pay as a bonus, a gift card to Costco, a day or two extra off with pay, and usually some product gifts and 1 company gift. Amazing right?  Well, keep reading!

At the Christmas party they usually also give away I would estimate around $20,000 or so in gifts!  They randomly choose winners from the names of every employee and call out a name and you get to go up and receive things such as a big screen TV, cameras, laptops, tickets, household appliances, Wii's, X Box's, and other equally cool things.  AND, the owner's generally have several thousand dollars in $100 bills in their various pockets and you could get a chance to "pick a pocket" instead!

Well, this year, they decided to forgo the enormous amounts of presents and instead did a very classy formal dinner for all the employees.  We even had to dress up and the men had to wear tie's!  It was so very nice of them.  But wait, it get's better!

So, we were basking the in glow of Holiday joy this past week after the party when suddenly, all over the building, these signs started appearing that said..."You thought there were only 12?  Wait for the 13th day of Christmas!", which was yesterday...

You won't believe it....

Are you ready???

OK, here it is........................drum-roll please!!!!!


       That's right...Nu Skin!!  So, I just want to say, THANKS, and thank God for this blessing too!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Well, I don't know if my post title is quite accurate?  I guess it wasn't quite lazy, actually pretty productive but it was still nice.

I had something to do every single night this past week!
     Monday- FHE (scriptures and "So You Think You Can Dance", what else?)
     Tuesday- Relief Society Christmas party  (Beautiful Harp duet!)
     Wednesday- Tithing Settlement & Visiting Teachers  (I love my VT's, they are awesome!)
     Thursday- Nu Skin Christmas party (Very generous, as usual!  We all got a new Ipod shuffle and a bonus!)
     Friday- Sue's Birthday party with the fam (fun and yummy!)

This takes me to Saturday...  So, we had my Church Christmas party in the morning so I didn't even get to sleep in very much, and I spent the ENTIRE afternoon and evening shopping with Justin!  We were seriously at the mall for like 6 hours!  I didn't even spend that much money, it was a lot of looking, but it was just kind of fun to hang out.  I was hoping to get my hair cut with Kellie and perhaps see that new flick Invictus (looks so good!), but she wasn't feeling too well, so I missed her.

Today was the last time that I'm teaching my current class of Sunbeams.  They are so cute and funny sometimes.  Today during the kid talk in opening exercises, Samuel, the Bishop's son, said quite loudly "Wow, her talk is SOOOO LOOOONNNGGG!" Ha ha ha!  It was pretty funny and the little girl didn't even notice the comment.

And tonight, Justin and I made delicious Breakfast Casserole with hashbrowns, onions, sausage, egg and cheese, and baked it in the oven.  Delicious!  I'm thinking I need some Le Creuset for Christmas!  See below, the 3 1/2 quart Cherry Red Dutch Oven.  I am looking forward to cooking some more out of my Julia Child cookbook!

And now, we're being nerds and watching Christmas at the White House.  Love the Obamas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Surgery and my Favorites as of Late

Hello!  Sorry I've been MIA from my blog for a while!  The last month has been busy with work, my health, family and all my other little hobbies. :)

I took the whole week before Thanksgiving off of work because I had yet another ear surgery.  That makes number 37 or so.  No really...I don't actually know how many I've had, but I estimate it's in the 30's if not close.  This time it was the first of a two-part reconstruction of the left middle-ear.  I was very hopeful that this time it was going to be so much better because I'm seeing a very experienced and highly recommended "just ears" specialist at the University of Utah Hospital.  (Wow, he must be really good if I'm willing to step on the U campus to see him...jk :))  So, the surgery was basically to try and clean out any infection in my ear, place a silicone spacer behind my eardrum to help straighten it out and make sure I didn't have any more tumors growing.

My sweet step-mom Susan took the day off work on Monday the 23rd to drive me up to the LDS Hospital in SLC.  Oh, and let me tell you, even though I've had 30 surgeries already, you better believe my insurance company talked to every doctor and made me plead and justify my case extensively before they would approve me to see a U of U doctor, and then, they only approved the surgery at an IHC location.  Anyway...I digress...we arrived about 8 am and I was soon ushered back to prep for surgery.  Usually, at Utah Valley Regional Medical they poke my finger to make me bleed, then numb me with novacaine shots then give me the IV, so at least 3-4 shots to start!  But at LDS they just stick the IV right in and work from that one stab...kinda nice I'm thinkin.  Then, we watched Drew Carey on the Price is Right for a one was winning anyway so I was getting bored, ha ha.  A very cute male nurse came and got me and took me back for surgery about 9:30.  I talked to a few other nurses, then the anesthesiologist and before I even had time to enjoy it very long, the happy drugs drifted me off to the black zone. (where you don't dream or remember anything)

The next thing I knew I was awake in the nurses recovery station and was feeling terrible!  My head was throbbing with pain and I was so hot I was literally dripping sweat, and there was a very weird pulsation feeling in my legs!  At this point I couldn't talk or move or anything to tell anyone what was going on, but every time those big hospital doors opened from the hallway, this glorious burst of fresh cold air would wash over me and give me a slight relief for a second.  I wanted so badly to tell them to leave the doors open!  Finally someone noticed I was awake and I think I managed to say I was "SO HOT" but all she did was say "Oh okay" then wheel me into the room where my mom was waiting.  Again I desperately tried to get out, "I think I might die right this very moment if someone doesn't put me in a freezer immediately!"...okay, it was more like "Hey...I'm hot......really hot.....I feel!"  I think they finally got the point when the nurse couldn't even take my temperature because my head was so freaking wet.  All of a sudden the nurses were flying around me, putting ice packs everywhere; on my head, under my arm pits, behind my neck, under my knees, everywhere!  Then I understood what was wrong with my legs, there were some weird contraptions that were strapped all the way around them that were helping my legs circulate blood so I didn't get clots, and when they took those off that really helped too.  Lastly the throbbing headache...oh it hurt SOOO BAD!!!  So the nurse came in and said I was getting a morphine shot in the rear!  I was like, "What???  No way, put it in my IV!"  She says, "Nope, the doctor thinks it's more effective to just stick in you!"  So I did get another poke, and I think I actually cried a little.  But even after that I kept telling them my head hurt so bad and finally someone noticed that I had this crazy velcro band around my whole head that was holding the bandages over my ear, and that it was on so tight it was practically squeezing my head off!  Once the nurse loosened that, I finally had some relief.

Or so I thought!!!  As soon as all that was over, and I was cooled down and out of extreme pain, the nausea hit me.  So yeah, I got sick a few times and then I finally started to feel better.  I think I slept off and on for another hour or so before I started munching on the saltines and Ginger Ale.  I think I ate about 15 packs of those crackers and boy were they good!

We FINALLY left the hospital around 5 PM so we'd been there for a total of 9 hours!  It usually does not take me that long to get through it but I guess it can be different every time.  Anyway, the doctor seemed to be pleased with my results and said he was able to make more repairs than he thought he was going to be able to do, so I was very grateful for that.

I spent the next day at my parents and Susan helped me get some food and drove me home that night.  I slept and rested a lot the next few days and Kellie and Justin also helped take care of me and visit me and keep my spirits up.  I got lots of phone calls and texts and messages from Mom and Meg and other friends and family, so it was all good.

By Thursday I was feeling much better. So, Thanksgiving was fun and I even went domestic and made a delicious, and may I mention, gorgeous, cherry pie! (I took photos but have left my camera at the folks house since the big day, so I'll post later)  Kellie went home to Elko and was missed dearly.  But I had Justin to keep me company over the weekend and we got to spend quite a lot of time together.  I even did a little Black Friday shopping and had lunch with my lovely friend Leanne who was visiting from Arizona for the weekend.

You can't tell in the photo, but Leanne is 8 months pregnant and adorable!  (She's the one on the right side in the grey cardigan)  She's having a little boy of course, just like the 6 other friends and family members I know who have had or are about to have babies this Fall!  What is up with all the boy babies being born???

Anyway, I've had a lot of time to read, watch TV and movies, and generally relax in the last week or so and thought I'd share some of my latest interests!

1. I love the show on Fox, Glee!  It's so fun and funny and amazing, and I'm so sad it's going away until April.  If you haven't watched it yet, now's your chance to get caught up and watch it on Hulu!

2. Um, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED New Moon!  Sooooo much better than Twilight!  Not that I hated Twilight, I'm definitely a Twihard so you know I'm gonna love all of it. :)  However, I do highly recommend this movie if you haven't seen it.


3. I LOVED the Blind Side!!!  Wow, and even if you're not a sports fan, this is such a GREAT movie!  Old and young alike will treasure this great and inspiring movie of triumph.


4. I read a magazine article in Vanity Fair with excerpts from Pres. Ronald Reagan's Diaries and I think he was such an AMAZING man!!!  Wow, the love he had for our Country, the self-less service he gave, and the amazing, beautiful relationship he had with his lovely wife.  If you're into history at all, this would be a great read for you!  It's funny, personal, informative, inspiring and touching all at once.


OK, so there you have it!  Me lately. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, my b-day was a few weeks ago, but I've been meaning to post some fun pics from dinner nite with my family...

My amazing sister-in-law Mary makes the super-sweet cakes for everyone's birthdays, check this baby out!

Here's another with some of the detail on the side...

OK, here are some of the fam pics, I seriously don't know how this happened, but someone was making a funny face in almost every picture!

Ashley, Scott and Sue

Scott, Sue, Brian, and Mary

Dad and Kellie

Kris and Justin

Amanda (still preggers with Owen)

Susan and Dad

Sue and Amanda

My little man Eli

My big man Justin with the little man!

Well, it was tons of fun!  My roomie put up some fun birthday signs at home, at work I got my desk decorated, got taken to lunch, then Justin took me to dinner at yummy Tucano's Brazillian restaurant, and serenaded me with his guitar, and lastly I recived some nice presents and treats too!  Thanks everyone!

Well, 35, here I am!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun times

At Nu Skin, we have a big, annual Halloween party that always proves to be lots of fun.  And traditionally, as part of the costume contest, there is a "Group" category competition in which the contestants plan a 2-3 minute skit as part of the judging.  Everyone gathers, usually at the Marriott Ballroom across the street, and there are official judges, like the Mayor, and the winners are chosen from several categories for cash prizes.  I've had a lot of fun being in some of the groups, we've been- the Harlem Globetrotters, Smurfs, Fat Albert & the Cosby kids, and the cast of Hairspray to name a few. 

Well, this year, due to Convention the week before, they changed it up a bit- no groups, no skits, just the dressing up.  So here's some of the fun costumes from this year:

The Roller-Derby gals

The "roller-coaster"

Rachel K. as the "Up" house!

Jen as a "dead zombie"?

Shalayne the Safari guide with Ada the giraffe

Ada is so cute!

Claire as the little lamb and Ada

And finally me as "Flashdance" and Anganel the "witch".  (She's really the farthest from that ever!)

I hope everyone else's Halloween was fun too!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Check out this video! My awesome sister Kellie posted it on her blog a few days ago, but in the spirit of Halloween I thought I'd share it too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall and other Stuff

This year has gone by so fast...I swear it was just July, and all of a sudden it's almost November! My birthday is just around the corner, which I always happily anticipate and dread (at the same time). But, I always love this time of year, just before the snow comes, when the trees are so brightly colored and haven't lost their leaves yet.

These are some beautiful trees by Justin's apartment. I love that there are still some green ones, but also the dark purple and of course the golden yellow beauties! Oh, and I don't know about anyone else, but I LOVE to walk through piles of leaves on the ground...I just love that crunchy, swishy sound it makes. :)

So, my life has been a little out of balance over the last few weeks, too many hours at work, not enough hours with my loved ones or in my home. We've been preparing for Nu Skin's 25th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not going, ha ha. But, I did have a hand in several things that we had to prepare for. The big shin-dig begins tomorrow and I hope it all goes well!

I'm also working on preparing for a DVD video shoot that I've been assigned to manage and I can tell you now, it's one of the biggest challenges I've had at work in a while. I think things are going to start coming together in the next week though, with the help of a fabulous new Director I think we're going to hire, so I just hope to manage my stress a little better and let myself go with the flow!

One nice thing is that I work with a great lady, Anganel, and today we took a little walk down the street, saw a new cafe by the office and stopped in to get "the first hot chocolate of the season"! We sort of named our outing that, and it stuck. So, here's some photos of us enjoying our delicious hot beverage with some great books we, um, were reading or something. (wink wink)

We are already missing Shalayne since she left us to stay home with her beautiful little daughter. I don't blame her, mind you, I would want to stay home with that gorgeous girl too! It just isn't the same without her. :(

I also went to Relief Society enrichment tonight! The first time I've been in about a year or so at least! It just sounded fun, French pastry making, yummy! We did get to sample some scrumptious "milano" type cookies dipped in ganache (melty chocolate mixed with cream!) and some poached pears with drizzles of the chocolate sauce too. Viva France!!! For those who don't know me that well, Paris is my absolute end all, be all, dream vacation destination. They looked a little something like this...

Needless to say, I'm grateful for our beautiful seasons, good friends, my job, and friends who cook me good food! Love to everyone!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Two of my favorite ladies...

Ms. Nie Nie (aka Stephanie Nielson), the fabulous blog writer who famously survived a horrific plane crash with her lovely husband, Mr. Nielson, was on Oprah yesterday!

I have been reading her blog,, and her sister Courtney's blog,, for almost a year. Their writing, photo posts and beautiful spirits inspire me and bring me joy. Oh, and also a lot of tears! I do suggest getting some kleenex if you start to read them too, but it's well worth it!

P.S. Check out for more info on this great episode. It aired on Wednesday, October 7th.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 Things...

I can't think of anything interesting to blog about lately...I think I have some blog anxiety actually, I know this is really just for me, but I worry about what I will write and if it will be interesting to anyone and then I don't! Yeah, kind of the opposite of why I started blogging in the first place!

OK, so I am going to attempt to write more, even if I don't have awesome pictures to post or fun vacations to report on, or amazing food or recipes that I've cooked, etc. So I thought one way to help me get over this is to post the infamous "100 Things About Me" list. Wish me luck!

1- I love Justin
2- I love spending time with my family
3- I love shopping, even when it's just to look
4- I like the thought of cooking and wish that I wanted to do it more often.
5- I really enjoy watching lots of different TV shows
6- I love going to movies, especially with Justin and/or Kellie
7- I keep in touch with friends for years and years. I'm still friends with Brandi since 5th grade.
8- I like to go on drives up the canyon or in the mountains, my mom's fault :)
9- I wish I was as talented as my parents- Mom paints, dad photographs, Susan sews and cooks
10- I love chocolate and prefer it over any candy
11- I love my nephews- Jeremy, Kris and Elias
12- I secretly wish I had been a nurse, paramedic or firefighter (except I only want to work 9-5)
13- I wanted to be a wedding dress designer when I was a kid and used to draw designs in notebooks that are long, long gone.
14- I'm very sentimental and have a hard time parting with things that remind me of good times, ticket stubs, programs, etc.
15- I love taking pictures
16- I want to go to Paris, Rome and London so, so, so, so bad
17- I pretty much want to go everywhere in the world, I want to see everything
18- I think people are so interesting and I'm fascinated by them
19- I would love to be a wife and mother one day
20- I would love to own a home and fix it up just the way I like it
21- I want to have a garden and pick vine ripened tomatoes
22- I wish I had someone who would do all my food prep and then I'd just cook it!
23- I wish I didn't have hypothyroidism
24- I wish I didn't have problems with my ears, but I know these challenges keep me humble, and could be worse!
25- I love my Church
26- I loved going on a mission and wish that everyone could have such an experience
27- I wish I was rich and could just be a philanthropist
28- I want to go to Malawi, Africa and see the 100,000 trees we've planted there
29- I wish that no one went hungry
30- I wish that people didn't abuse each other
31- I wish that we took better care of our Earth
32- I wish that we could prevent any other animals from becoming extinct
33- I love giraffes
34- I'm 5' 0, which is why I think I love giraffes, they are so tall!
35- I love cute babies and could play with them all day
36- I love looking at other people's photography web sites
37- I love reading people's blogs, I am constantly surprised at the depth, passion, love and beauty in everyone's lives.
38- I love Summer and warm weather
39- I'm trying to love Winter more
40- I can't ever give blood again because of a stupid false testing the Red Cross gave me one time, even though they admit it was their mistake!
41- I play the flute but don't have one anymore
42- I can twirl a giant flag and march at the same time
43- I love roller coasters and hope to go to Cedar Point one day!
44- I love fun surprises
45- I envy families that take big vacations all together
46- I have never been to Hawaii yet
47- I love going to the Sundance Film Festival every year
48- I've seen Brad Pitt in the flesh twice!
49- I've also seen Bruce Willis, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Jennifer Aniston and I talked to Jack Black
50- I shook hands with Mikael Gorbechev, met the King and Queen of Sweden and the President of Finland. (The first in DC, the other at the 2002 Olympics)
51- Concerts I've been to- Tiffany, MC Hammer, Gun's N' Roses, R.E.M., Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, NickelCreek, The Fray, Damien Rice, Coldplay- I know there's more but my brain is forgetting now
52- I wish I could take a nap every day
53- I have a hard time going to sleep at night (as you can see)
54- I wish there was more time in the day for myself instead of for my job :)
55- I love reading
56- I used to be an Amway Distributor with my dad and went on super fun trips
57- I used to listen to motivational tapes a lot!
58- In high school my dad paid me to read: Man's Search for Meaning, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Richest Man in Babylon, and other good reads.
59- I love listening to CNN and The Morning Zoo on ZHT in the morning
60- I usually drink a chocolate SlimFast shake every morning and I never get sick of it!
61- I love when I'm consistent about working out
62- I ran my first half-marathon last month
63- I'm still deciding if I will ever run a full marathon
64- I love Asics running shoes
65- I admire Olympians
66- I used to want to be a US Ambassador
67- I think it would be fun to live in Washington DC, New York, or Boston for a while
68- I love almost all music
69- I love laughing so hard it hurts your belly
70- I love helping others and making their lives better
71- I think mother's and father's have a hard and amazing job
72- I miss my grandparents
73- I love going to our family's cabin in Ruby Valley, NV and fishing for bass
74- I love flowers and plants
75- I wish I could have a dog or cat
76- I love riding horses
77- I love sushi, especially the Vegas Roll from The Happy Sumo
78- I love the movie Pride & Prejudice and watch it over and over
79- I love getting massages, and would have one every day if I could
80- I love having my hair washed and blown out by a stylist
81- I love reading magazines
82- I daydream of laying on a beach by beautiful clear blue waters
83- I have a lot of perfume and usually wear a different scent every day
84- I also have a lot of makeup, but still probably need lessons in application!
85- I love snuggling with Justin and watching videos all night
86- I love cleaning and organizing things and that clean, fresh smell after cleaning!
87- I wish everyone was as clean as I am :)
88- I wish the war was over, but I am so grateful for our soldiers
89- I love America
90- I love patriotism
91- I really like cars and hope one day I can drive a Ferrari just one time!
92- I hope to inspire my primary kids- and hope that something I teach them they'll remember forever
93- I'm so grateful for Justin, Kellie, my parents, other sisters and brothers, friends and anyone else who touches my life for the good.
94- I hope to always prove my loyalty
95- I hope to be remembered by others as someone who cares...
96- I love the rain
97- I wish that I could sing the National Anthem at the opening of the World Series, but alas, I can't sing :)
98- I pray that in the next life I will be able to swim, surf, snorkel, and scuba dive- especially so I'll learn not to be afraid of the ocean any more.
99- I am so blessed.
100- I hope that everyone else's lives are as full and abundant as mine. :)

There you have it! Maybe I'll try to do this at least once and year now and see how it changes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh the love...

I just wanted to remember my Justin today, and the lovely things he did for me.

I started to get sick last Tuesday after my weekend trip to Elko, but somehow with all the vitamins I took I was able to supress it through the week... (Which believe me, I needed to do!) boss was out of town all week, I had several looming deadlines, and a weekend event to work at!

I even managed to make it through teaching my primary class yesterday (I am Thankful for Food and Clothes- and I really am) with some fun games and a substitute teacher. We looked at all kinds of plants and animals and decided if we would eat them or not...apples-yes, spiders- no!, cows-yes, horses-um, no! We also played a little dress up with my clothes while we talked about where the different materials came from, and about how there are lots of children in the world that don't have enough clothes or food. And when little Samuel said the closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for chicken nuggets and our shirts...I had to dry a little tear about that one!

Okay, back to my original story, so after Church I started to feel the sickness beginning to brew again in my lungs...that's literally how it feels. I don't have a sore throat or a cough or any congestion or sinus problems, yet, but I just have this awful heavy, tingly feeling in my chest along with some swollen glands going up to my ears. Needless to say, not well!

So this morning I decided to try and suck it up, since I don't even sound or look like I'm sick, and make it though the work day. Well, I did, and it was good I did because there were some critical things I had to do. But just as the day was wrapping up, I felt the poison start to rumble inside me again. I had a sudden craving for some orange juice, herbal tea and some hot sauce. (I thought maybe if I ate some hot sauce it would burn away the infection maybe huh? It could work right?)

That's when I decided to call my sweetie, because he's always so kind to offer help when I need it, and I just felt like I did. He said he'd bring me some groceries and I asked if he could give me a blessing too. But, he not only brought me some groceries, he cooked them up into the most delicious chicken and vegetable dish with a side of steamed asparagus that I've ever had, all while I laid on the couch and vegged myself. He gave me a beautiful blessing with the help of a kind neighbor friend and then he sat with me and talked for a while. He had even picked up some cacao for an after dinner snack! Then when I felt sufficiently cuddled, he headed back into the kitchen, did ALL the dishes in the sink, packed away all the yummy leftovers for my dining pleasure tomorrow, and told me how much he loved me.

**Sigh** Sometimes being sick isn't all bad. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The last few weeks...

Well, I have been busy! Work has been overwhelming, Justin's dealing with a new job and starting at BYU, spent some time with friends and family, etc., etc.! It's amazing how easily you can let yourself get overwhelmed with everything, even other people's problems. I need to try and take it a little more easy I guess!

So, here's some pics from my latest adventures...

This is me and my oldest cousin Tracy...we grew up together and have always been great friends. She lives in Idaho with her husband Charles, who is doing his Residency, and their gorgeous son Colton (see below).

Charles showing Colton videos of himself on his sweet iphone!

Colton- aren't his eyes beautiful?

So, Kellie and I went to Elko for my cousin Samantha's wedding, but it was also Tracy's brother, Eric's daughter, Melody's birthday. You've got that all straight right?

So her's Melody...I think she likes the toys she already has, better!

Jeremy actually looked at the camera for me for one second!

My lovely sister Megan, cousin Heather and other lovely sister Kellie at the party.

The bride right before the wedding!

Dani still preggers with Everett...he was born on Monday, Labor Day!

The happy couple, Mike and Samantha McConnell

Mom presenting her gift, a painting of an Elk for the couple...they are avid hunters!

My Aunts and Mom from the left...Lisa, Peggy, Mom and Jaci (the Bride's mother)

This was on Sunday at my Aunt and Uncle's house where Mike and Sam opened presents...we decided to wrap up Everett too! That's Dani's mom, Aunt Lisa on the floor.

My Jer with his Mommy Megan

My last morning there, Jer and I played his favorite game, Monopoly!

And, for those of you who have seen the FABULOUS movie Julie & Julia, this is the yummy bruchetta grilled bread, topped with tomatoes, yellow peppers, basil and Italian dressing that Julie makes for her and her husband as they are discussing what she could write a blog about. It was SO YUMMY! My sis Meg made it for me. I definitely am going to branch out and try some more of the recipes she does in the movie too. I really do actually enjoy cooking, I just wish I felt like doing it more often! Anyway...I highly recommend this movie!

OH, and I just have to give a quick shout out to BYU for beating Oklahoma this past weekend too! Yippeee! Goooooo Cougs!