Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My first blog!

Well, I have resisted creating a blog for a long time. I wondered what I would say? Would anyone care? Ha ha, maybe not! But then I thought, well, it's a little history for myself then right? I never sit down and write in a journal (even though I know I should and I really want to!), and since I seem to be at a computer screen quite a lot, I may actually do this!

So, I promise to try and think of interesting things to say, to try and post fun and funny photos, and to at least to write more often than I do in my journal!


  1. I am so glad that you started a blog. It is so fun!

  2. YEA! I'm so glad you found me again and I found you back!!! Blogs are all about family history for me, not to mention fun, so I'm glad you are doing this and will look forward to keeping in touch!! Remember those temple visits when we were able to go together?? Your other post reminded me of that...Good Memories. Love you my friend!!