Friday, May 22, 2009

Financial questions?

Well, my friends, I was trying to think of things I know a bit about that I might offer advice about to others about. The funny thing is, things I know a lot about and seem to feel passionat about, and that I seem to be able to help others with, are things I seem to struggle with for my own self! How weird is that?

Anyway, Justin and I are both still working to be debt free and in the course of this challenge, I've learned so much! I don't know if I've mentioned, but Justin got laid off a few weeks ago and has just started school again after 9 long years! I'm so proud of him, and confident this will only improve his life. And in the meantime, we continue to work on so many goals we have- but being debt free is one of the biggiest! So, I've just been thinking, I'm sure there are so many others out there that are dealing with some of the same challenges and questions as I've had, so I just really feel like I need to share the knowledge I've gained, and maybe help someone else reach thier goals too! this crazy time we're in, as most of the world struggles with financial difficulties, let me know if I can help you! I used to work at a law firm that specializes in credit repair through the legitimate help of real lawyers, and I'm not a stranger to paying off lots of debt and improving my own credit! I've also read books and books, studied, practiced, and talked to some experts, so I think I can consider myself a novice financial adviser I guess? The trick is, you have to know the tricks! So, I'm going to try and post some tips and tricks I've learned every few days or so, along with my other ramblings and thoughts! Please let me know if there is something YOU want to know about and I'll do my best to help!

Financial Tip Today: Your FICO score is primarily the main factor a bank or other institution reviews in deciding whether or not to approve you for a new credit card. If you're in need of credit, say to transfer high interest bearing balances to lower interest rates, you should really know your score! If you don't, get it before you apply! Because, if you do apply for credit and get denied, you've done yourself a triple whammy! First, your score is going to immediately drop anywhere from 10-30 points because of the "inquiry" to your credit (it will rebound, but it may take a few months), second you didn't get any new credit or benefit from requesting it, and third, that inquiry will stay on your report for up to three years!! So, now you're stuck with the same interest rates, no new credit, and you've got yourself a lower score!
But, if you are able to review your FICO score before, you'll have a much better idea of where you stand, and if you're likely to be approved. If your score needs a little boost before you think you'll qualify (anything below 700 isn't likely to get credit at this point in time, at least with a decent interest rate), you can do several things to work to improve it, then apply!

Check back again soon for more tips!


  1. This is a great tip. Some of the best advice I have received about debt is from Dave Ramsey, I am sure you have heard about him. This is his website:

  2. HEy girlie, we need to get together! So Steve is now in town until at least June, but we need to plan something for after that. I, by the way, barely missed the Africa trip too. I think I would have been able to go if I hadn't been 9 months pregnant.