Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Sun

Today was such a beautiful day! Can I say how much I love the sun? It's warm, it's bright, it gives you Vitamin D, and it makes me feel happy!

I can't wait for Summer! I do need a little more time in the gym first though! I've been doing some Biggest Loser DVD's, and let me tell you, they kick butt! For reals! My thighs are so sore after I do a 20 min. session, I can't walk for like two days!

I do need to run some more too though, maybe tonight? What is everyone else doing to get into shape? I need some new suggestions!


  1. I love to go walking... around the block, at the mall or even a park. I also love hiking but haven't been in a while.

  2. I am so excited for summer too...especially to see Ada's cute chub in her swimsuits :)

    I should go running with you - I need to exercise!!!