Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer fun, here I come!

Hello friends! I'm so excited it's June, Summer begins! I don't know why, but even though it's already been 90 degrees already, it doesn't really seem like Summer until it's June. And June is great! Justin and my sister Kellie's birthday is this month...along with about 10 other friends and family members...what was 9 months ago anyway?? :)

I'm also going on a work trip this weekend to Dallas again, then next week I'm having another ear surgery. This time, hopefully, my hearing will be restored a little! No more infection in there at least, so this reconstruction will hopefully really help me improve.

But, I look forward to the fun things that I hope to do this Summer. I definitely want to go fishing, go to a water park (a few times!), go to Lagoon once, float down the Provo river, hike the Y, and train for my half marathon in August, finish reading all the Harry Potter books, lose 20 lbs., volunteer somewhere, visit family and friends, play tennis with Kellie (hopefully at least once a week), and more! If anybody has some more fun suggestions for me, especially things that are local, let me know!

Okay- here's my latest FINANCIAL TIP-
Did you know that when you pay off a credit card you should NOT close the account? Part of your credit score is determined by how much available credit you have open, in relation to your total credit limits. It's similarly bad if you have high balances that are at or near your credit limits, that will usually lower your score too. So, kudos, when you do pay one off, but keeping it OPEN makes your Available Credit higher, and that makes it seem like you know how to manage your money better because you don't use all the credit that is available to you! It may take a few months for a reflection (increase) in your credit score when you pay something off, but it will help!! Note that you want to keep your "used" credit to less than 30-50% of your total Available Credit for maximum score potential. (If you don't have any credit cards, or don't ever use them periodically, that's bad too!) So, keeping your accounts open will also help show your credit history in length, and the longer you have a good credit record...you guessed it...you'll get a higher score!
*Use it wisely!

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  1. Hey Girl! I know we are so excited...it seems all of a sudden I am finding out about more and more people pregnant too, isn't that funny how that happens. Anyway, hope you are doing well. Anything new with you?