Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, tomorrow I am having, yet again, another ear surgery. Humm, I wonder what number this makes? 248? Just kidding, I'm sure it's not that many, but honestly, I've lost track of the real number. I would say it has to be over 50 now, but who knows! This time it's my left ear again, but there is no longer any infection, so this surgery they are going to try an reconstruct the prosthetic piece behind my eardrum so I can hear again out of this ear. I doubt this will be the last, but I hope it works and lasts a few years at least.

I've stopped asking 'why' and started focusing on what it is I need to learn from this
trial in my life. I had to give a talk in church a week ago on ADVERSITY and this was one of the realizations that I had during the preparation. There are so many worse things that could be my trial in this life, and I'm sure it won't be the last, so I'll thank God for blessing me with something I can deal with and learn to endure it through!

On a lighter note...here are some cutie, cute photos of my darling nephew Elias!

Financial Tip:
So you should know your interest payments on your credit cards are the major 'sucker' of all the money you could be using to pay off bills or to save. Generally, I'd rather spend that money on anything else EXCEPT giving it to the credit card companies. So...I ask you to please make sure you know the interest rate on any and all of your credit cards. If you are trying to stick to a budget and are working on a payoff plan, you always want to be paying off the cards with the highest interest first! Also, keep your eye out for 0% interest rate cards. It's always better (when you have a good enough credit score to qualify!) to transfer balances to lower interest rate cards, then you can pay them off faster, and pay less of your money to the credit card mafia!


  1. Hey I didn't know you had a blog!!?! :)

    Good luck on the surgery tomorrow. Trial's sure do suck, but like you said, they could be worse, right? Hang in there.

  2. Hope everything goes well with your surgery!

    For backgrounds, it looks like you got it figured out, if the middle part is still not doing what you would like try changing the template (go to layout, pick new template) until you find the look you want. For banner's I just made my banner on my computer in a scrapbook software, but you could use photoshop or anything that can be made into a jpeg. Then in "layout" click on edit header, then select the photo you made and select "instead of title and description", and maybe shrink to fit? not sure, then save.

    If you still need help just let me know. I would even be happy to make a banner for you. Just send me the picture you want and the words or whatever and I can create a jpeg for you then e-mail it to you.

    Hope that makes sense!