Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Temple!

I had the opportunity to go to the new Oquirrh Mountain temple open house this past weekend with my Justin and his Dad, Terry, and my parents. It was pouring rain just as we arrived, and I mean buckets and buckets! We waited in the car for about 10 minutes until it let up, and then we saw the most beautiful rainbow ever! Here's a few shots I was able to get...

You might not be able to see it, but right there, between the two rainbows, across the valley, is the Jordan River Temple. Kinda neato huh?

I also wanted to mention I just got a new church calling as a Primary teacher! I've never been in Primary, so I'm a little nervous! And, to top it off, I'll be teaching what we call the Sunbeam class, which is pretty much the youngest class except nursery! These are the adorable 4-5 year olds! Here are some of the great quotes from the kids last Sunday as they learned about Families...

- Um, teacher, I just wanted to tell you that my dad owns me, and not my mom. (Wow! Thanks for telling us sweetie!)

- Teacher, can I have my batman now? (the same little boy asked this question at least 20 times in the hour he was with us)

- Ooooohhh! A daddy long legs! Don't touch him cause he'll get on you and make a web!

- This is a drawing of me sitting on my brother and sister, HA HA HA HA HA!!!! (Well, I hope it doesn't hurt them! Does you mom think you should do that Joseph?)

I can tell already, this is going to get interesting!


  1. hahaha you're gonna have so much fun :)

  2. Those pictures are beautiful. I am so excited for you being in Primary. I was in Primary for two years, no need to be nervous, you will be an amazing teacher!

  3. Its the best age to teach... those sumbeamers. Out of the mouths of babes I tell ya! So funny!


    and I love little kids because they say amazing things like that.

  5. Sounds like a fun calling! Kids can say the funniest things.