Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few updates...

Yes, I know it's been forever! This blogging to keep a journal thing isn't working so well for me yet! I want to post, I think about posting, I even imagine what I'll write when I post, but alas...I get to tired to actually sit down and post!

So, July was a good month, lots of things going on. I took a week off to spend with my fabulous 6 year old nephew. He came and stayed with me, the first time he was away from his mom for so long, and my first time being totally responsible for a little person 24/7 for any extended period of time (and with the help of Auntie Kellie too!). We had a blast! We did a fun activity pretty much every day including: Hogle Zoo, hiking to Bridal Veil Falls, Sundance, 7 Peaks Water Park, Dinosaur Museum, movies, eating out, playing with his cousin Kris, hanging out with Grandpa Nick and Grandma Susan, and even the annual Utah Pioneer Day celebrations. Here's a few photos of our fun times...

With Grandpa at the Zoo

Our little hike up to Bridal Veil Falls

The coolest guy at the beach that day

The night before he was going home, he was a little sad so I asked him if ice cream would make it better and while crying he says, "Um, yeah probably...." So cute!

Taking our usual "cool Salt Flats photos" courtesy of Auntie Kellie

Then, just this past weekend I even ran my first half-marathon with my Dad! It was a blast and even though it took us over 3 hours (because I was hanging back with him), it was such a great experience and definitely a check mark off my life goals list!

I hope to have some more fun times in August before it's time to put jackets and boots back on! Geez, did I mention how much I love Summer? I should live in Arizona I think... hummm?


  1. he is so adorable!!! And...congrats again on the half marathon - amazing!!!!

  2. Looks fun! So I fly out to Cali this Saturday until October but can we please get together when I get back. Also, it's about time you posted...