Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The last few weeks...

Well, I have been busy! Work has been overwhelming, Justin's dealing with a new job and starting at BYU, spent some time with friends and family, etc., etc.! It's amazing how easily you can let yourself get overwhelmed with everything, even other people's problems. I need to try and take it a little more easy I guess!

So, here's some pics from my latest adventures...

This is me and my oldest cousin Tracy...we grew up together and have always been great friends. She lives in Idaho with her husband Charles, who is doing his Residency, and their gorgeous son Colton (see below).

Charles showing Colton videos of himself on his sweet iphone!

Colton- aren't his eyes beautiful?

So, Kellie and I went to Elko for my cousin Samantha's wedding, but it was also Tracy's brother, Eric's daughter, Melody's birthday. You've got that all straight right?

So her's Melody...I think she likes the toys she already has, better!

Jeremy actually looked at the camera for me for one second!

My lovely sister Megan, cousin Heather and other lovely sister Kellie at the party.

The bride right before the wedding!

Dani still preggers with Everett...he was born on Monday, Labor Day!

The happy couple, Mike and Samantha McConnell

Mom presenting her gift, a painting of an Elk for the couple...they are avid hunters!

My Aunts and Mom from the left...Lisa, Peggy, Mom and Jaci (the Bride's mother)

This was on Sunday at my Aunt and Uncle's house where Mike and Sam opened presents...we decided to wrap up Everett too! That's Dani's mom, Aunt Lisa on the floor.

My Jer with his Mommy Megan

My last morning there, Jer and I played his favorite game, Monopoly!

And, for those of you who have seen the FABULOUS movie Julie & Julia, this is the yummy bruchetta grilled bread, topped with tomatoes, yellow peppers, basil and Italian dressing that Julie makes for her and her husband as they are discussing what she could write a blog about. It was SO YUMMY! My sis Meg made it for me. I definitely am going to branch out and try some more of the recipes she does in the movie too. I really do actually enjoy cooking, I just wish I felt like doing it more often! Anyway...I highly recommend this movie!

OH, and I just have to give a quick shout out to BYU for beating Oklahoma this past weekend too! Yippeee! Goooooo Cougs!


  1. Those are cute pictures. Wow your Mom is an amazing painter! I haven't seen the Julia movie yet, but hope to see it soon. That bread looks so good!

    Oh and by the way... You probably don't know this, but I first learned about Nie and Cjane's blogs from an e-mail and link that you sent to me. I mean I heard about them before, but had never read any of their blogs until you sent me the links. So thanks! Love, Liz

  2. aww super cute pictures. i had such fun!

  3. FUN!! I love all the pics!

    Your mom is an amazing artist. I'm glad you had fun!!