Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh the love...

I just wanted to remember my Justin today, and the lovely things he did for me.

I started to get sick last Tuesday after my weekend trip to Elko, but somehow with all the vitamins I took I was able to supress it through the week... (Which believe me, I needed to do!) ...my boss was out of town all week, I had several looming deadlines, and a weekend event to work at!

I even managed to make it through teaching my primary class yesterday (I am Thankful for Food and Clothes- and I really am) with some fun games and a substitute teacher. We looked at all kinds of plants and animals and decided if we would eat them or not...apples-yes, spiders- no!, cows-yes, horses-um, no! We also played a little dress up with my clothes while we talked about where the different materials came from, and about how there are lots of children in the world that don't have enough clothes or food. And when little Samuel said the closing prayer he thanked Heavenly Father for chicken nuggets and our shirts...I had to dry a little tear about that one!

Okay, back to my original story, so after Church I started to feel the sickness beginning to brew again in my lungs...that's literally how it feels. I don't have a sore throat or a cough or any congestion or sinus problems, yet, but I just have this awful heavy, tingly feeling in my chest along with some swollen glands going up to my ears. Needless to say, not well!

So this morning I decided to try and suck it up, since I don't even sound or look like I'm sick, and make it though the work day. Well, I did, and it was good I did because there were some critical things I had to do. But just as the day was wrapping up, I felt the poison start to rumble inside me again. I had a sudden craving for some orange juice, herbal tea and some hot sauce. (I thought maybe if I ate some hot sauce it would burn away the infection maybe huh? It could work right?)

That's when I decided to call my sweetie, because he's always so kind to offer help when I need it, and I just felt like I did. He said he'd bring me some groceries and I asked if he could give me a blessing too. But, he not only brought me some groceries, he cooked them up into the most delicious chicken and vegetable dish with a side of steamed asparagus that I've ever had, all while I laid on the couch and vegged myself. He gave me a beautiful blessing with the help of a kind neighbor friend and then he sat with me and talked for a while. He had even picked up some cacao for an after dinner snack! Then when I felt sufficiently cuddled, he headed back into the kitchen, did ALL the dishes in the sink, packed away all the yummy leftovers for my dining pleasure tomorrow, and told me how much he loved me.

**Sigh** Sometimes being sick isn't all bad. :)


  1. Brian has been sick all week too, there must be something going around. Hope you feel better!

  2. I'm sorry you were sick but your right being pampered can make everything better. I'm glad to hear you and Justin are still going strong.

  3. Hey! I sure am still around Provo and I'd love to cut your hair! Are you only available after 5? Email me at caitlyncox@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. by the way Route 1 is actually Cami and steve.