Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall and other Stuff

This year has gone by so fast...I swear it was just July, and all of a sudden it's almost November! My birthday is just around the corner, which I always happily anticipate and dread (at the same time). But, I always love this time of year, just before the snow comes, when the trees are so brightly colored and haven't lost their leaves yet.

These are some beautiful trees by Justin's apartment. I love that there are still some green ones, but also the dark purple and of course the golden yellow beauties! Oh, and I don't know about anyone else, but I LOVE to walk through piles of leaves on the ground...I just love that crunchy, swishy sound it makes. :)

So, my life has been a little out of balance over the last few weeks, too many hours at work, not enough hours with my loved ones or in my home. We've been preparing for Nu Skin's 25th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not going, ha ha. But, I did have a hand in several things that we had to prepare for. The big shin-dig begins tomorrow and I hope it all goes well!

I'm also working on preparing for a DVD video shoot that I've been assigned to manage and I can tell you now, it's one of the biggest challenges I've had at work in a while. I think things are going to start coming together in the next week though, with the help of a fabulous new Director I think we're going to hire, so I just hope to manage my stress a little better and let myself go with the flow!

One nice thing is that I work with a great lady, Anganel, and today we took a little walk down the street, saw a new cafe by the office and stopped in to get "the first hot chocolate of the season"! We sort of named our outing that, and it stuck. So, here's some photos of us enjoying our delicious hot beverage with some great books we, um, were reading or something. (wink wink)

We are already missing Shalayne since she left us to stay home with her beautiful little daughter. I don't blame her, mind you, I would want to stay home with that gorgeous girl too! It just isn't the same without her. :(

I also went to Relief Society enrichment tonight! The first time I've been in about a year or so at least! It just sounded fun, French pastry making, yummy! We did get to sample some scrumptious "milano" type cookies dipped in ganache (melty chocolate mixed with cream!) and some poached pears with drizzles of the chocolate sauce too. Viva France!!! For those who don't know me that well, Paris is my absolute end all, be all, dream vacation destination. They looked a little something like this...

Needless to say, I'm grateful for our beautiful seasons, good friends, my job, and friends who cook me good food! Love to everyone!


  1. This may sound crazy, but I actually sometimes miss work and NuSkin. I think it's all of the friends I made there. Tell Anjanell Hi for me and everyone else. I will stop by for lunch as soon as my fam is over the swine flu. Yep- Bella and Steve are donw for the count.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww Thank you!!!! I miss you guys too and it was so fun to see you today!

    That cafe looks so'll have to tell me where it is! I love stuff like that!!!

  3. It's good to know you're taking time to stop and look at the leaves during your busy schedule. Take care of yourself, love you!