Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun times

At Nu Skin, we have a big, annual Halloween party that always proves to be lots of fun.  And traditionally, as part of the costume contest, there is a "Group" category competition in which the contestants plan a 2-3 minute skit as part of the judging.  Everyone gathers, usually at the Marriott Ballroom across the street, and there are official judges, like the Mayor, and the winners are chosen from several categories for cash prizes.  I've had a lot of fun being in some of the groups, we've been- the Harlem Globetrotters, Smurfs, Fat Albert & the Cosby kids, and the cast of Hairspray to name a few. 

Well, this year, due to Convention the week before, they changed it up a bit- no groups, no skits, just the dressing up.  So here's some of the fun costumes from this year:

The Roller-Derby gals

The "roller-coaster"

Rachel K. as the "Up" house!

Jen as a "dead zombie"?

Shalayne the Safari guide with Ada the giraffe

Ada is so cute!

Claire as the little lamb and Ada

And finally me as "Flashdance" and Anganel the "witch".  (She's really the farthest from that ever!)

I hope everyone else's Halloween was fun too!


  1. Those are funny. You look cute. I never dress up. I know it is so sad, I really want to and then I am always so stressed out around this time of year and never end up doing anything.

  2. oh so cute!!! I love the pics of Ada that you took!

  3. I can't believe you didn't have the Nuskin pary on Halloween. Crazy- it looks like it was still a lot of fun, and hopefully no one was working very hard that day!