Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Blessing

So, as usual my company had our annual Christmas Party last week.  They are always very generous and we can always expect a two-weeks pay as a bonus, a gift card to Costco, a day or two extra off with pay, and usually some product gifts and 1 company gift. Amazing right?  Well, keep reading!

At the Christmas party they usually also give away I would estimate around $20,000 or so in gifts!  They randomly choose winners from the names of every employee and call out a name and you get to go up and receive things such as a big screen TV, cameras, laptops, tickets, household appliances, Wii's, X Box's, and other equally cool things.  AND, the owner's generally have several thousand dollars in $100 bills in their various pockets and you could get a chance to "pick a pocket" instead!

Well, this year, they decided to forgo the enormous amounts of presents and instead did a very classy formal dinner for all the employees.  We even had to dress up and the men had to wear tie's!  It was so very nice of them.  But wait, it get's better!

So, we were basking the in glow of Holiday joy this past week after the party when suddenly, all over the building, these signs started appearing that said..."You thought there were only 12?  Wait for the 13th day of Christmas!", which was yesterday...

You won't believe it....

Are you ready???

OK, here it is........................drum-roll please!!!!!


       That's right...Nu Skin!!  So, I just want to say, THANKS, and thank God for this blessing too!


  1. Hi Claire - My name is Vicki Boone - I am a Nu Skin distributor in Dallas Texas - your blog came up on my NuSkin google alert. I dont know how long you have worked for NuSkin but you are with one of the greatest companies around. Pretty awsome Christmas presents !
    Have a very Merry Christmas
    Vicki Boone

  2. I am so glad!!! It is so nice of them to do that...they are always so generous to their employees!

  3. hymmn, working at NuSkin is sounding pretty good again. It's such a great company and I miss all of my good friends!