Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Well, I don't know if my post title is quite accurate?  I guess it wasn't quite lazy, actually pretty productive but it was still nice.

I had something to do every single night this past week!
     Monday- FHE (scriptures and "So You Think You Can Dance", what else?)
     Tuesday- Relief Society Christmas party  (Beautiful Harp duet!)
     Wednesday- Tithing Settlement & Visiting Teachers  (I love my VT's, they are awesome!)
     Thursday- Nu Skin Christmas party (Very generous, as usual!  We all got a new Ipod shuffle and a bonus!)
     Friday- Sue's Birthday party with the fam (fun and yummy!)

This takes me to Saturday...  So, we had my Church Christmas party in the morning so I didn't even get to sleep in very much, and I spent the ENTIRE afternoon and evening shopping with Justin!  We were seriously at the mall for like 6 hours!  I didn't even spend that much money, it was a lot of looking, but it was just kind of fun to hang out.  I was hoping to get my hair cut with Kellie and perhaps see that new flick Invictus (looks so good!), but she wasn't feeling too well, so I missed her.

Today was the last time that I'm teaching my current class of Sunbeams.  They are so cute and funny sometimes.  Today during the kid talk in opening exercises, Samuel, the Bishop's son, said quite loudly "Wow, her talk is SOOOO LOOOONNNGGG!" Ha ha ha!  It was pretty funny and the little girl didn't even notice the comment.

And tonight, Justin and I made delicious Breakfast Casserole with hashbrowns, onions, sausage, egg and cheese, and baked it in the oven.  Delicious!  I'm thinking I need some Le Creuset for Christmas!  See below, the 3 1/2 quart Cherry Red Dutch Oven.  I am looking forward to cooking some more out of my Julia Child cookbook!

And now, we're being nerds and watching Christmas at the White House.  Love the Obamas!

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  1. hey i love your new blog title! it's perfect :) i missed you this weekend too, but i did get some good studying done, and cleaned my room up a little. you are totally a nerd--christmas at the white house?? hahaha but that's why i love you ♥