Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Love Makeup!

So you may not know me really well unless you know that I LOVE makeup!  Yeah, I have a bit of an addiction with it, and also shoes for some reason.  It used to be perfume (of which I also have a nice collection) but as of the last few years, I just can't get enough of  the beautiful alluring colors of makeup!  MAC's darling little black cases with their gorgeous colors all shimmery and dreamy and just waiting for me to put them on!  I'm also obsessed with Nars which is only carried at the Nordstrom at Fashion Place Mall in the great state of Utah.  Yeah, you know the color...of which I have the blush, lip gloss and the Multiple.  I also have a great love for Bobbi Brown, so classy, but find that only her lipstick, gel eyeliner, and beach perfume really give me my desired results.  Lastly, I'm a sucker for a great palate of nudes, purples, and peachy colors.

So, if anyone ever wants some color advice or suggestions let me know!  I'm thinking I might post some of my favorites every now and then, but since I blog SO much, we'll see, ha ha!

Here is some evidence of the madness, hee hee...

My collection!  And yeah, it's pretty much sic... :)

My latest favs from MAC- Patina and Mulch!

Life is hard, so look good while you do it!


  1. love it! i love using your goodies :D it's pretty much the best collection ever. patina is the most gorgeous color EVA!

  2. you make me laugh. And I guess I know you well because I know how much you love makeup. And you always look gorgeous so you should probably help me :)

  3. holy insane collection! you definitely top any collection i've seen in my life. impressive. too bad i'm not closer so you could give me some tips. :)

  4. Ha ha, I's ridiculous, but so much fun too!

    @Carrie- I didn't even know you had a blog! What is it, how do I get to it?

  5. And I thought I had a lot of makeup. I love make up too! I just discovered a new powder (that I use instead of base) called bluray. I love it, it is the best thing in the world! I love your collection!