Monday, February 1, 2010

Sundance 2010's already come and gone!  It's amazing the time we spend planning for it, pouring over the film guide, making preparations to get our tickets with friends, and then in a few short days, it's gone!  Ok, I do have the Best of the Fest to look forward to tomorrow night too, but oh how I will miss it until next January!

We did get to see 3 films and they were all pretty good this time.  Usually I am disappointed by at least one, so I was pleasantly surprised!  The first was a Doc about nuclear weapons called "Countdown to Zero" and honestly, it was terrifying, but also very informative.  Really, probably something everyone should see and know about...perhaps then we could all work to lobby our governments to take steps to make us all safer.

The 2nd film was Directed by Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and he is kinda gross, but the movie was interesting and somewhat heartwarming.  A love story/tragedy and had a good lesson, although it was kinda over the top dramatic too!  So many crazy things happening to one

The 3rd was a Documentary Shorts feature.  They were all pretty interesting but my favorite had to be "Drunk History" which was basically this totally plastered guy who was telling a narrative about Nikola Tesla, the discoverer of the alternating electrical current, and Thomas Edison.  It was pretty hilarious and the two guys were played by John C. Reilly and Crispin Glover dressed like 1800 style...I highly recommend trying to see this somewhere if you can!

Just a few photos of the "fest"ivities!

The "marquee" this year

Casey, Randy and Justin...not too sure what they were doing!

My love and me!

Some Directors of the Documentary Shorts films

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