Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays and Owen!

Does anyone else notice that there are like a gazillion birthday's in June? 
I seriously don't understand it, are women more fertile in September or what?

Anyway....it was 3 of my lovely co-workers birthday's last week, two best friends, my boyfriend's and my little sister's!!  Not to mention like 40 friends on Facebook!

We did quite a few fun things this past week to celebrate, going out to lunch for Anganel, decorating cubicles, and was supposed to get pedicures with my friend Ashley, but will have to wait on that one.  

I made Justin Zucchini Boats for his birthday on Wednesday while he was studying for finals, then we went bowling with my family on Thursday, ate at Tucano's on Friday (during a 6 hour fiasco when I lost my cell phone, thought I might die, and then miraculously got it back thanks to a kind stranger!), and then we went golfing, had Thai food, and watched two movies on Saturday!  Then, we had a family dinner on Sunday for Kellie's Birthday and Father's Day.  And today I shopped with Kellie all day to celebrate a little more with her!  WHEW!!!

After all that I just need a vacation!  Well...good thing I'm going on one tomorrow!  I'm spending 6 glorious days in Southern California with some of my most favorite girls on earth, and I can't wait!  I'll post lots of pics, so stay tuned!

And just for fun, I had to post these cute pics of my darling little nephew Owen.  Isn't he a doll??

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