Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Summer polish!

In salute to my lil' Sis and her amazing blog Also Known As,
I thought I would post some cute pics of my new fav Essie polishes!

Gonna rock these all Summer long!

In case you can't see the names, Pansy, Cast Away, Cute as a Button and Honey Bun.

Lastly, this is me sporting Eternal Optimist.  I love the classic nudes, and it goes with everything!  Please forgive me for my ragged cuticles though! :)

May I say too, there are SO MANY BIRTHDAYS in June!!!  Wow, I literally, personally know at least 4 people who have had birthdays each day for the last 4 days, and I have 9 VERY close family members or friends whose b-days are in the next week! Not to mention MANY other acquaintances, like literally, 20 or so other friends like on Facebook, with June birthdays.  What in the world was going on 9 months previous, every single year in history??  Craziness!

Please feel free to leave me comments anytime!


  1. You must check out the blog The Daily Nail. I have a link to it on my blog!

  2. oooh i love your new blog background! and your nails are sooo cute. much cuter than mine! i'm glad you like eternal optimist, it goes so well with your skin tone.