Monday, July 26, 2010

Eat, Pray, and Love

I seriously can't believe that July is almost over!  Really?  Seriously?

So, I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love right now--which I really do love-- and I'm in the part where she's in India.  And, I was just reading about when she was turning 10 years old and suddenly and without cause, she had a nervous breakdown.  She suddenly became aware of her own mortality, and was so freaked out realizing that she was already "in the double digits", and that soon she'd graduate from high school, have kids, be middle aged, then elderly, and then dead!  And during her remembering this memory, she realizes she has control issues...


Yep, I think I have the same problem!
I know time is going to keep marching on, and I'm going to keep on getting older, and so is everyone else.  Nonetheless, I still hate the end of every Holiday, of every passing month, and every New Year.  At the same time, I think I wish time away sometimes.  For instance, "I can't wait till next Summer, I can't wait till my next trip, I can't wait till I've lost 25 lbs., and well, you get the picture.  A contradiction for sure...what to do?

Well, I've been thinking a lot this past week.  I went to the funeral of a friend's young wife who was killed in a horrible accident the week before.  She was so lovely, so loved, and so young...just 29 years old.   Every story that was shared about her was one of inspiration.  They said "she lived outside her comfort zone, and pushed everyone else to also."  She seemed to be a beacon of hope for so many...I can't even explain the love I felt for her through the words of her loved ones and I know I'll forever be changed by what they said.

So, what I'm saying is that I guess I just want to live as much as I can, each and every day! Not take any time with friends and family for granted.  Love more, do things that make me or others happy.  Work hard when I'm at work, but remember to maintain a good balance with play.  Read good books, watch good movies.  Exercise, eat well, and take my vitamins.  Stay in touch with loved ones far away.  Keep things organized and neat (if you know me, this is a must!).  Get more sleep.  Pray and meditate more.  Write more blogs and journal entries.   Strive for peace and simplicity, and do this all with a focus on God.

May you live each day to the fullest too...


  1. Loved this post! Got your message a few weeks ago--I'll call you this week. Love ya!

  2. Your post reminded me of a passage I read in Karen Maezen Miller's "Hand Wash Cold" recently. She relates how her young daughter was confused about the concept of "tomorrow"--this day that never arrives. It occurred to me that "Today" was "tomorrow" yesterday. We can never have tomorrow. Like my dad says, "Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one."

    Miller writes: "I hear a lot about living in the moment. I hear about how and why and when, and how hard it is to live in the moment. The truth is, there is not a single person on this planet who is living anywhere but in the moment. It's just not the moment we have in mind. The moment we aspire to live in is a different kind of moment, a better kind. A moment of solitude, perhaps, of quiet satisfaction, of thrilling accomplishment or satisfying retribution, of deep confidence and unshakable certainty, with children asleep and ducks lined up and ships come in and gravy, yes, that extra spoonful of gravy on top. THAT's the moment we are waiting to relish.

    In the same way that we misapprehend 'the moment' as any time but now, we misconstrue 'the now' as any place but here. Calling 'the' now suggests a certain kind of now, a different now, a better, special-edition now that is attained by secret knowledge or effort.

    It is the effort of lifting your eyelids."