Sunday, July 11, 2010

Girlfriend Weekend!!

Here's the weekend in photos, Part 1 of 2!

So, I got to spend 7 lovely days in Southern California!  It was great, even if the sun didn't come out that much!  The first two days I had Mela mostly to myself.  She had to work a little each day, so I also had time to explore a little on my own.  I wandered around Oceanside and Carlsbad quite a bit; hung out down at the Beach every chance I got, rode her bike around, ate some fresh fruit at one of the MANY natural food shops, checked out bookstores, and generally relaxed!

You may be interested to know how this all got started, right?  Well, we had our first "reunion" about three years ago.  It was during a hard time during my life, and I called Missy out of the blue and asked if I could visit because I needed to get away.  She graciously said yes, and then had the idea that we should invite the others girls to come hang with us too.  It was great!  

Then, about a year ago, Missy told us about this great book, "The Girls From Ames", about these 11 friends that have remained friends for 40 years and the story about them.  Since we have all joined Facebook over the last few years, the first "Reply All" emails began.  Missy suggested we get together and try to stay in touch more, and the Reunion was on!  We ended up staying with Mela because she had a little more space, and no husband for the weekend.  (Jackson did come home Saturday, but we had fun with him too!)  It was so great to see my friends: Mela, Missy, Sarah, Jen and Steph, and this year, we were lucky to get in touch with Carly again and she was able to come too!

I hope you enjoy the photos!  Come back again soon to see Part 2!

From snow-capped Mountains in Utah (well, barely!)...

to the shining Pacific Sea in California!

My feet in the sand...the best feeling ever

Mela and I had breakfast at the Oceanside Harbor

The beautiful Mela!  I cropped myself out because she was just too cute by herself!

Thursday night we went to the "Sunset Festival" down at the Pier

And the girls arrived Friday!  The lovely Jen and Missy...

Mela and Steph starting the weekend with lots of photos!

Steph and I went on a bike ride down to the beach and had our own little photo shoot!

This is us trying to be "sexy" or something....funny, but I love it!!

This is us laughing after we looked at the "sexy" photo!

Dinner Friday night Missy was busy making us Fondue, Jen is ready to eat!
Notice the wine bottles everywhere, and then notice the white cap in the bottom left of this photo, yep, that's my Water! 

Coming soon...Sea Kayaking and more!

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  1. Hey girl! Looks like you had a blast in California, I'm glad. I miss you tons!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog. This current template I have is from hotbliggityblog, I also like to use shabby blogs and the cuttest blog on the block. Love yah!