Monday, August 30, 2010

History Repeats Itself!

So, I find it very humorous that the first sentence in my last blog post was "Wow, I can't believe July is almost over!"  Since it's been another month since that post, I think it supports my general attitude toward this entire year, which is, it's going by too fast!!!  (By the way, I have a few friends that will probably tell me that my 2nd and 3rd exclamation marks in the last sentence cancel each other out so why even put any at all, but how else am I to exclaim my protest and dismay in the powerful context that I write them in???) last night I went on a cleaning binge!   My Company is launching a new product in about a month (October that is) called ageLOC Vitality.  I don't usually review my products in my blog, but I probably should talk about them more because they really are great!  So, back to it, I took some Vitality last night at about 7 pm because I was going to go running with Justin and I was already tired from helping roommates move out and in to my place on Friday and Saturday morning, and I really wanted to get a good workout in still.  And what you have to know about Vitality is that it's main purpose is to give you more!  Energy that is.  And while it did give me a great non-caffeine type of stimulant boost, it also kept me from dreamland.  NOTE TO SELF: Do not take this amazing product after about 2:00 PM.   And while I was in this highly functional state of mind and body last night I decided I needed to really do some de-junking of my bedroom.  I'm already a little OCD about cleaning, in case you didn't know, and one of my darling new roommates inspired me with her simple, but chic, and entirely uncluttered bedroom decor.  I immediately felt a pang of jealousy at seeing her freshly cleaned and organized room, and decided it was time for a round of "throw the crap away" in mine. 

And, one of the glorious things about cleaning is that you find stuff! 

I found this adorable notebook/journal that I wrote a lot in during my 4th-5th grade school years.  It was hilarious!  My handwriting goes from neat, straight print to sloppy cursive, but what I write about is what was so funny and very foreshadowing!  Too many of my posts talked about getting new school clothes and shoes, finding ways to earn some money from my parents to get even more new clothes or shoes, and not to mention several terrible sketches of the later obtained said clothes and shoes.  Ha ha ha ha!  What can I say?  The next obvious trend was how I jumped from one topic to the next, and wrote in a very blunt and informative matter of what boy I had a crush on that day, what friends I was getting along with or not, and how I was always trying to help my little brother or sister be good or clean something!  Lastly, Justin thought that me being clumsy all the time, while minutely cute, is just because I'm not careful or that I'm going "too fast", but I have to point to the several scenarios in the Journal where I also detail the days' accidents like bumping my head on something, falling down, scraping something or just general klutziness!  I guess what I'm saying is that we learn at that young age really sticks with you! 

My theory now is that we are all really the exact same as we were in 4th grade...we just handle it a little better, say it in a little more mature tone of voice, have more money to deal with it, or we just pretend something doesn't exist or isn't a problem!  So, if you want to know what your kid is going to be like when they're 35, read their childhood journals now and save yourself a lot of pain in the guessing!  :)  What do you think?

P.S. If you haven't yet read the Hunger Games series, I seriously suggest you immediately head to the store and pick up the three books right now!  I'm just about finished with the last book, Mockingjay, and I've only stopped reading long enough to hurry and write this post!!!



  1. haha. I'm probably similar as well...just matured from my 5th grade self. I feel like I'm totally different though.

    We definitely need to do lunch soon! Hope pre-convention is going well :)

  2. i agree about the punctuation. how are we to express ourselves truly if we do not use them to our advantage?! and smiley ;)