Monday, October 4, 2010

The Lower Lights and a great weekend!

I had such a great weekend!  Starting out with a hot date with my Justin on Friday.  We went to a really fun concert, part of the new Provo "Downtown Rooftop Concert Series" which is being sponsored by one of my FAVORITE bloggers ever:  Courtney Kendrick of C Jane Run.

This concert on Friday featured a group of local bands and singers who went in together on this new project calling themselves collectively "The Lower Lights."  The group included Mindy Gledhill, Scott Wiley, Sarah Sample, and many others that I'm just becoming acquainted with.  Check out C Jane's blog for a quick sample of one of the songs they performed, or check out their website:

We also ran into several old friends that night; the Snow's and the Gray's just to name a few.  And...I got to talk to C Jane again, after just meeting her the night before at Stephanie's talk at BYU, and I got a photo!  Not the best of me, but she looks darling as usual!

Saturday I got to sleep in, watch LDS General Conference, went to a little Halloween party with the fam.  I wasn't originally planning on going, but decided to at the last moment even though I didn't even have a costume.  A quick Google search for "easy Halloween costumes" gave me an idea with stuff I already had in my closet.  I ended up going as a gypsy and only had to get a shirt, which I found at the DI for $4!  Woo hoo!  I didn't take any good photos, but will post some when I dress up again for the big day.   Then I saw The Social Network with my little sis Kellie.  It was pretty interesting, but I've heard a lot of it is fiction, so I didn't really know what to believe!

Today I got to watch the rest of Conference with my Justin all day!  It seems like it's been so long since we just had hours of time to spend together, just being with each other, and with nothing else we have to do to distract us.   I made us some waffles, eggs, and bacon for brunch, and everything was just so perfect!  This coming week he's got mid-terms and I'll be busy with Convention so I am just grateful that we had this time. :)

Tonight we celebrated the birthday of my lovely sister-in-law Mary Christmas!  Yes, that's her real, married name.  Awesome huh?  We ate delicious lasagna that my sweet step-mom made for us and played our family traditional game, Pounce!  I highly recommend it!  And just for fun, I couldn't resist posting a pic of my cutie pie nephew Owen!  Isn't he the cutest?


  1. Awwww, That is the cutest face ever!

  2. Lucky! I am so jealous that you went to Cjane's concert! :)