Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween & Birthday

I've had a great past few weeks!  First, my little sis Kellie moved in with me!  Woo hoo!  I can't say how happy I am to have her as a roommate, it's great!  We're still looking for one more, but for now I can say it's not bad just the two of us!

Nu Skin at Halloween is always fun, I just forgot to take pictures this year!  I had a friend take this one of me though...

Justin and I also went to one of the first BYU Basketball games, they're good!  I hope they have a better year than the Football team!  Here's Justin with my fav kitty Cosmo. :)

Then it was my birthday on the 3rd.  Can you believe I'm 36???  I seriously can't!  I don't feel that old at least! are my beautiful flowers that I got for my birthday!  These white daisies and the red rose are from Justin...LOVE HIM!

I love my flowers!  The Gerber daisies were from my Mom and Kellie.  Justin is also spoiling me!  He gave me some money for a goal I'm working on, and we're going to the BYU football game tomorrow, out to dinner, and then to the Ballet!  I'm so excited!

Well, thanks for stopping by, please ALWAYS feel free to leave me a quick comment, and I'm certainly open to getting new followers if you please!  Thanks, ciao!


  1. ahhhh! how did I miss your birthday!!! How is in november already?!?! Oh I am so sorry! love you and I'm glad you had a good day!!!

  2. whoops, that was shalayne, sorry! signed in under the wrong account!

  3. yay for halloween and your birthday :) love ya!