Friday, December 17, 2010

Provo Tabernacle Fire

What a Friday!  My sis locked her keys in her car this morning...with it running!  Luckily University Towing maintains our street, and while I usually despise the tow truck companies I appreciate they helped us this morning and helped her get in.  He took quite a bit of time getting to our house and he told us why once he arrived...
our local historical Provo Tabernacle caught on fire last night and is currently burning down.  Such a sad thing!  We're also having a Conference this weekend at work, with a few hundred out of town visitors here, and I'm also involved in two photo shoots today, so needless to say it's been kind of chaotic around here.

I hope your day is going better and you have some peace and quiet as you prepare for the Holidays!

P.S. A few of my photos were featured on one of my favorite blogs ever, C Jane!  Check it out here. **Update! CJane's blog was later featured on KSL, see here.  Maybe I can be an investigative photographer now?  Ha ha


  1. I cried when I heard this news this morning. I loved the tabernacle!!! I'm so sad. I am glad Nu Skin is okay though. I was hoping the fire didn't damage anything else around and curious as to what Nu Skin would do today with the fire so close. Good luck this weekend with the fly-in.

  2. I was so sad when I saw this! That is pretty cool that cjane used your photos!