Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lots lately

Hummm, how I love making headlines, blogpost titles, and etc. with just an adjective and a noun or adverb.  Ok, enough with the grammar lesson.  You might have noticed that I am only creative enough, or not, to blog at 3:00 AM.  
          Lately, it seems to be my witching, not the time when magical creatures come out, but when my mind becomes tried and lucid enough to stop thinking about everything that stresses me out and try to spawn some form of interesting and amusing form of writ to all my 12 fans out there!

                Ok, you caught me and I caught myself, I'll go back and read this in about 12 hours and definitely realize that I should leave the writing to my sister Megan.

But for reals, the last few weeks have been so busy with so much going on.  My Mom came for the weekend from Nevada at the beginning of the month to go to the Salt Lake temple with me.  Several people from her ward and some very good friends and family in Utah went with us as well.  Mom hadn't been to the temple in over 10 years, so it was an amazing and special thing for us to do.  It was also Justin and my first time going through the Salt Lake temple, it was so beautiful I can't believe I waited this long to see it!

It was such a nice weekend!  Kellie took Mr. Jeremy to hang out while we were there, they went to the Discovery Gateway attraction and had some yummy treats. (Jeremy told Kellie while eating his treat..."I have to say, this is frickin' good!")

We also had Dad's 60th birthday party, celebrated Susan's 63rd birthday, and I saw BYU play two more times at home, and went to 3 Jazz games.  I'm not sure how it happened but somehow in the last two months I've become a basketball fanatic! 

Lastly for now, I've also started running again.  Not necessarily because I just love it so much, but my company is doing this awesome Challenge with Nike+ right now and you can sign up to log your miles and for every 1,000 miles people run during the challenge period, they're providing a scholarship to a deserving kid in Malawi, Africa.  Pretty awesome huh?  Anyone can join, so if you happen to use this App already, let me know and make your runs really count!

Well, that didn't turn out as creative as I had planned, and I'm too tired now to download the other photos I wanted to post, so you'll just have to hold your horses and wait a little longer.  Good-night kiddos.

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