Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Ideas, I Think

Today was kind of hard for me...first, I woke up not feeling well at all, sore throat, sinus congestion, super tired, and headache- not too fun.  But, besides not feeling physically well, I am just feeling down emotionally about all the craziness going on in the world.  I can't seem to stop reading and watching the news about Japan, but at the same time I feel so helpless about it that I really don't want to see it.  I am grieving for them, agonizing over what I can only imagine is the worst thing to ever experience in some people's lives, and for all that's been lost.  And, not only in Japan, but in Africa, the middle-east, and all the other travesties happening that are too much for my heart to bear.  And in the process of thinking about all of this, I was reminded yet again how short life is, how fragile we are, and that there is no time to waste.  And so I started thinking about my life...

You might have noticed that I don't blog for long periods of time.  This is usually because of one of two reasons: one, I am too busy and just don't feel like it, or two, I do feel like it but, I have no ideas about what to blog about.  The second is funny because it's not like I don't have anything interesting going on in my life, but just that I can't seem to stop and compartmentalize everything into ideas, or thoughts, or specific topics to blog about!  Anyone that knows me well knows that I like to know A LOT of information!  I can brief you on the latest news about Japan or Libya, the Oscar winners, what Temples are being built around the world, who is getting married, who is having a baby, when BYU's next game is, or how anyone that we've ever know is doing, what the latest fashions are at J.Crew or the Gap, and what books, magazines, beauty products, TV shows, or movies are the best right now.  In a word...random! 

But, that's me, and I obviously like me!  At least most of the time :), so I am sorry if I ever infringe on anyone else's creative ideas for blog posts, but please forgive me, it's only because I admire you a lot of think you are brilliant or funny or both!  So, I have a goal to blog at least twice a week for the rest of this month, and we'll see how it goes.  I honestly like doing it, it helps me keep track of what I've been doing in life, when I look back, because I'm even less faithful to my journal.

So, besides the blogging, here are a few goals I'm going to work on this month, because if you "Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail" right?

1. Gym- Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (at least!)
2. Stop eating by 9 PM (any ideas for avoiding the late night munchies? Seriously, chocolate covered pretzels are my nemesis)
3. Bring my lunch to work at least twice per week
4. Read 30 min to an hour, most days, replacing too much TV time
5. Drink at least 3 bottles of water per day
6. Research information (I always seem to want to learn something new, cook something, find out about something and forget, so maybe this will help me actually do some of those things too!)

Maybe in the grand scheme of things these goals are not remarkable or life changing, and they may seem miniscule compared to someone's overall life goals, but they are a part of getting me to where I ultimately want to be, so I think they're a good little start.  I hope your week goes well too and can't wait to hear any of your ideas, suggestions, and goals also!

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  1. Hi Claire. I found my way here via Kellie's blog. :)

    Have you heard of Kaizen? I think making a 1% change 100% of the time will help you reach your goals in a far more steady and sound way than if you were to initially make a dramatic change that might lose momentum down the line.

    As for avoiding munchies - I struggle with this myself - I would like to offer some tidbits that help me. Brush your teeth at least three hours prior to bedtime, and avoid eating afterward. If you feel the need to munch, paint your nails so you can't dip your fingers into a bag of crisps or pretzels. I am a nail polish junky, so of course I would tell you this, but by the time you're done, you might be past your craving. :D

    Remember that 40% of thirst is mistaken for hunger, so drink lots of water with lemon!