Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cool Girl

Did you know that my little sister Kellie is famous??  Well, she is and it's awesome!  In case you haven't been to her blog yet, check it now- Also Known As...  She is quickly becoming quite well known in the blogosphere as the go-to "nail polish" blogger, so well known that if you start to type her name or blog name into Google it pops up as an Instant Search find!  How rad is that?  Recently she also reached over 2200 followers just on Blogger alone!  Not to mention an average of 35,000 page views per month, AND nearly 510,000 page views in the last year!  So, if you have any love of fingernail polish at all, I highly recommend you read, follow, share and like her blog today!

Sorry, but I'm just feeling such a sense of pride right now, and so proud of Kell and her accomplishments!  Hey, what's a sister for if not to brag about you?

Hope you're all doing well, I'll post some new pics soon!