Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sooooo longggg....

I guess it really hasn't been that long (who's counting besides me?), but I had a funny dream the other night that my little sis got a "Statistics" email about people who read her blog.  I don't know who it was that sent it to her, but nevertheless my blog was ranked last in the category "Blogs that have Gone Cold." 

Hummm...I'm not sure what it means that I'm dreaming about this, except to say that I must feel like I should be blogging!

I guess a few interesting things have happened lately.  Justin got his internship at an investment firm in Salt Lake for the Summer, that he's really excited about. That is, except for the 2 hour commute in his barely-running car, and the only other option is a 4 hour commute with UTA.

I went to my Mom's in Elko for Mother's Day and had a pretty nice weekend.  I helped Mom do some yard work until it started raining.  Hung out with Jeremy and let him play my iphone games (Angry Birds of course!), went to Church, had some yummy food, and watched some movies.  Never to be outdone, my little brother bought my Mom a new couch for Mother's Day!

Also got to visit my aunts and cousins for a short time too.  This is my Aunt Jaci's dog, one of MANY, but I think he's my favorite, Charlie.

It has been raining a lot the last few weeks, which I honestly don't mind much, and it was still threatening my entire drive home.  I admit I probably shouldn't have been taking photos while I was driving, but my iphone makes it so easy, I didn't even let my eyes leave the road!  I just thought this was beautiful, the clouds don't seem to get that low in Utah because of our tall mountains. Enjoy!

Lastly, Nu Skin finally demolished the old Kress building across the street from the highrise.  We're making room for a new $60 million Innovation Center to be completed sometime in late 2012.  I'll post some pics and video soon! 

Looking forward to any comments and updates from you!

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