Friday, July 8, 2011

Poem #1

A hurting heart
Fragile, and full of scar tissue already
Waits and wonders
What will come next?
Too afraid to mind real life
Stuck in the fear of the unknown

So close, and yet so far
Timing is everything they say
Put away childish things
And just do what is right

Broken, in pieces
Swallowed up by the darkness
Searching for some light, some hope
Some oxygen in my lungs

A deep breath finally comes
One small drop of peace, even only for a moment
Kind words, whispered to my mind
Then gentle stillness, so sweetly alights

Honesty, love, and supplication
Give way to possibility,
Hope for a better, brighter season

No sweet release though,
Only advancement makes us grow
Time to build, to cultivate, to comfort and console
The Reason to become unburdened
To really live...and to be able to feel His love.
...A hurting heart can mend.

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