Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Adventures...

Hello friends!  I know it's been quite a while...the last few months have been very busy, to be sure.  But, hopefully I'm back for a while!  Especially because I haven't been very good at keeping a journal the last few years, it's good and actually helpful for me to document stuff about my life at least somewhere.

So, I turned 37 back in November...holy cow right?  It actually does kind of feel weird, especially when I think about my roommates being in their mid-twenties, but at least I don't look that old, right??

In December, Justin headed out East to Washington DC for an internship at the US Treasury Department.  I miss him like crazy, but he's learning so much and having some great experiences, so I'm happy for this opportunity for him...I just need him to come home soon!  He will, he'll be coming back to Utah in May.  Then about a week later my little Sis moved out of my place and back home to our Mom's place to help her out for a while.  (She's had some medical issues the past 6 months).  I also spent Christmas there and about 10 days, so it was nice to be with the family over the holidays.  But, coming home without Kellie OR Justin being here, was definitely a hard day.

So, for the last month or so I've been re-learning how to be "single" sort-of.  I have to admit, it's not as fun as I imagined it might be, ha ha.  I mean, I guess I have a lot more free-time per se, but then I just feel like I have SO many things to work on or to do, that I end up starting too much, and/or not finishing anything!  So many books to read, closets to reorganize and de-clutter, opportunities to work-out or to cook, movies to watch, girlfriends to call or visit, and the list goes on...  But, there are a few things that I started doing recently, mainly to entertain myself, but may have turned into something else entirely!

New "project" #1- I'm teaching myself how to do calligraphy!  I don't really know how that could be helpful to anyone else right now, but it's been fun for me and definitely a challenge.  I've never been good at drawing, painting, or other things that my parents or siblings can do, but I do think that I could be good at this!  Heck, maybe one day I could even hand-write or design an announcement or invitation for you!  You always hear that hand-writing is a dying art, right?  So, maybe it's something unique?  Anyway, I'll try to post some pictures of my stuff in the next few weeks.

New "project" #2-  This one I'm really excited about and never thought about doing before- but I started making jewelry!  So, it's kind of strange how this came started with me losing a necklace last January that was part of a set, that I absolutely loved. So I spent the last year trying to find a bead or charm that matched to possibly have the necklace remade.  Then about a month ago I finally found some that would work, and while I was trying to figure out who to as,k or where to go to get it made, somehow it just came to me- I can make it myself!  So...I did!  Then I thought about how it's always so hard for me to find jewelry that I like; that is simple, not too gaudy, not too colorful, or too big or just too crazy looking.  Then everything just started to happen...I found a bunch of beads I loved, got some supplies, and wa-lah!

So, if you're interested, please feel free to visit my new Shop at the following link, and of course, feel free to share it too!

Simple Circle Jewelry

Have a great day friends...and talk to you again soon!

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